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This web page offers powerful tips in the field of carpet cleaning. You will find plenty of useful advice on how to keep the carpets and other types of floor treatments in your home in good condition at all times. Take advantage of it now and in the future. Make sure to come back to this page often.

Discover the best methods to keep carpets clean and tiles spotless. Great tips for all!

Find out how to remove bad odors and whether vinegar helps! Do you know where to keep rugs? Find out today!

  • Always check the label before cleaning rugs

    There you will find information on the allowed and recommended cleaning methods. Some rugs can be washed while others can be dry-cleaned. It is worth pointing out that some delicate items with loose piles cannot be vacuumed. You must strictly follow the maintenance requirements of the manufacturer to avoid damaging the floor treatments and losing any kind of warranty that covers them.

  • The weekly rule

    We, at Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hills, strongly recommend having the carpet cleaned on weekly basis to keep dirt from accumulating and stains from seeping right through to the bottom of the carpet. Failure to do so could mean spending more time and money to bring the carpet back to its former glory. Besides, an untidy carpet is bad for your health.

  • Store rugs in low humidity rooms

    Some rooms of the house, like the attic or basement, have higher humidity than other rooms. So, they're not the ideal places to store your wool rugs since they'll be affected by moisture and most likely mold will grow. In this case, proceed with mold removal right away but it's best to store them in a closet.

  • How vinegar can clean carpets

    A number of different household ingredients have proven to be excellent alternatives for cleaning carpets; with vinegar being one in the list. Vinegar alone can cause quite a mess on your carpet, but when it is combined with 10 parts water, it is quite capable of cleaning different kinds of spots. It can even be used to clean and maintain steam cleaning products.

  • Don’t forget about the odors

    A dirty carpet is likely to emit foul odors. These odors are just as difficult to remove as most dirt and stains. The experts at Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hills have found that these odors can potentially cause people to choke, causing a lot of discomfort and even prove dangerous to health. When cleaning your carpet, do not forget to make use of fresheners or products that can kill such foul odors.

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