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As a leading carpet cleaning company, we want you to be confident in the information we provide. This Frequently Asked Questions page has been created to enhance your knowledge. We love helping to those who are genuinely interested in this field, so feel free to scroll down now.

Can you apply a deodorizer to carpets?

Deodorizers can definitely be applied to carpets. According to Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hills professionals, an enzyme deodorizer is best used for today's modern and traditional rugs, because these are designed to eliminate bacteria, inhibit their growth, and fully clean them. If the foul odor is inside the pad, molding or sheathing, the professional could pull it back, and replace the pad. Know if the application of the rug deodorizer is already included in the maintenance package.

Do pet stain & odor removal products need a particular scent?

Odor-removing products are available on the market today, which can be applied to residential and commercial carpets. Most of these come odorless or scented. If you don't like any noticeable smell to linger after the cleaning process, especially for those sensitive to perfumes, choose an odorless solution. Otherwise, if you choose a scented product, make sure it fits well with your mood and complement with the overall look and feel of your home or office. For instance, you may choose a neutral or fresh fragrance for hotel guest rooms.

When is it a good idea to replace a carpet?

Cleaning experts over at Agoura Hills recommend that you only replace your carpet if the old one has become too worn and/or if the stains no longer seem removable. You can make doubly sure that you are making the right decision by having professionals clean the carpet.

When can I use my carpet again?

It depends on factors that affect the drying of your carpet. Humidity and cold weather both affect drying time. But you can help dry the carpet by turning on fans, heating systems or aircons. The carpet can be used right after a carpet or tile cleaning procedure.

Why is carpet maintenance necessary?

Carpet cleaning in the context of vacuuming the floor once or twice a week is necessary but does not suffice for deep cleaning of the fibers. Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hills suggests annual maintenance, which will involve thorough dry cleaning of the carpets with special products and equipment. It's the best way for the removal of dust mites and stains and will ensure better effects on your health.

Which one is better: dry cleaning or steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is today’s most recommended method because it is incredibly effective in removing small contaminants like soil. Since these particles are sometimes soluble, even the so called dry cleaning needs water for effectiveness. Therefore, for many carpets the best method would definitely be steam cleaning.

What does “clean to the standards” stand for?

The standards this phrase refers to are the CRI standards that were agreed between the industry and the federal government in 1992. It comes up with 6 steps that each cleaning procedure should involve.If followed, they guarantee the high quality of the cleaning process for your carpet.

What kind of cleaning do rugs need

Weekly vacuuming is essential. You should remember to vacuum your rugs from both sides at least twice a year. You can easily take smaller rugs outside and beat them. You will be surprised how effective this method is for getting rid of dust and tiny debris. Annual deep cleaning is also important as it is designed to remove dust, pollen and other allergens from the deep layers of the pile.


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