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How to Clear Wine Carpet Stains

12/06/2013 Back To Blog

The occasional indulgence in the consumption of wine can be very costly to the durability of your carpet. Matters worsen if the carpet is made of a lighter color such that the stain is visible to all. Professional carpet cleaners in Agoura Hills report that wine stains are one of the major complaints that they get from their customers. If you live in CA then it is possible to find one of these professional outfits but the problem is that you may be paying over the odds.How to Clear Wine Carpet Stains

A practical carpet cleaning guide on wine stains

Blotting is an essential pre-cleaning procedure that must be done carefully. This is the type of stain which can easily spread if it comes into contact with water. Therefore you should not automatically presume that the use of a detergent is going to be of much use to you. Make sure that you work with a white towel because it exposes where the stain is and allows you to judge accurately when the carpet stain removal process is complete. Lighter materials can also work.

How you can remove wine stains that have penetrated the fibers

In many cases the reasons for the stubbornness of the stain are related to the fact that it was left hanging for too long. You need to be able to work quickly in order to get results. At the same time you should use premium grade chemicals that can get rid of the stain as quickly as possible. Applying pressure may not always be a good idea because it may sink the stain deeper into the carpet and create problems during the cleaning process. If you are too busy to deal with the stain immediately then it is possible to halt its spread by using a sprinkle of salt.

Homemade strategies for dealing with wine stains

Many of the tips that relate to carpet stain cleaning have been developed by people who have had experience of these things in their home. Thereafter they are willing to share what they have learned and it becomes useful to other home owners within the vicinity. Some of the solutions that are recommended are quite powerful and therefore prior testing may be in order.

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